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My Turn Will Come

My Turn Will Come is my new music project. It was a question of time for me to decide that I want to sing. I wrote couple of songs that I've never played in public until one impulse motivated me to do so. I took my acoustic guitar and simply started recording.

Right now I have this strange feeling that songs are begging me to write them down. Like there's a paralel world of songs that want to come to ours, and they are looking for a medium that helps them to transfer here... It's pretty weird to feel like that, I assure you, but when it comes to this and this stream opens, the other world just writes those notes down...
The first song I recorded is Surprise.
You can hear it on My Turn Will Come's Myspace website or download it here.
And why My Turn Will Come? It's a name that stands for hope. You claim it dies every day? I tell you it resurrects the day after...

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